Monday, October 21, 2013

As the Boss, How Do You Celebrate Boss’ Day?

Today is National Boss’ Day in the US. Every October 16th, employees have the opportunity to collectively let their bosses know how much they are appreciated, and to participate in activities that enhance the employee-supervisor relationship. Over the years of my career, I’ve celebrated this observation event in a number of ways: a card, an unexpected cup of coffee, lunch, flowers, etc. I’m sure that many people have done the same at one time or another.

While searching for a birthday card for a friend the other day, I noticed the Boss’ Day cards and realized that since I recently formed my own consulting firm, I’m the boss now! The feelings of awe and amazement were very similar to those I experienced when I realized that I was now the janitor when I first began working from home in 2006. It’s an odd feeling, but an exciting one as well.

So, how will I take this opportunity to show myself how much I appreciate the courage it took for me to step out into the unfamiliar, and willingly become responsible for making all of the decisions? Obviously, I’m not the first, or the last, person to open their own business, but I wonder how many people actually celebrate the success of taking that first step, then another, and another, and ultimately open themselves up to the many opportunities for success as a business owner.

For today, I think I’ll take myself and a couple of other sole proprietor business owner friends out for coffee. What will you do today?

Terri Davidson, Amy Demma, Ellen Emmerich, Anne MalavĂ©, and Meryl Rosenberg, I’ll be by shortly to pick you up, and we can celebrate each other.