Friday, August 28, 2015

Chasing the Sunset

We’ve all seen it – that perfect sunset imbued with beautifully mixed hues of color, invoking thoughts of relaxation and peace.

The challenge, I’ve found, is getting it on camera.

You wait, watch, wait a bit more for it to change just a smidgen, move to get a better perspective, move again because something else is in the way, and once you are in what you think is the best position, you realize that you missed it. I call this Chasing the Sunset.

Our approach to life, both personal and professional, can be like that as well.

How many times have you felt that where you are now is just simply perfect the way it is? You’re not waiting for anything or see the need to change anything to be exactly where you want to be. I’ve had a few of these.

More often, however, I have found myself waiting for this to happen, or that to take place, or started looking for a different job or project because I just could not get that “perfect” feeling about where I was at the time. Although the situation at the time may have appeared just about perfect, I was convinced that the one thing necessary to make it absolutely perfect (whatever it was at the time), was just around the corner. All I had to do was move just a hair to the left or right, or tweak one or two things so I could capture a picture of the perfect sunset.

Granted, many times something can be improved, but what did I miss along the way chasing that perfection when it was right in front of me all along?

Watching one of those beautiful sunsets recently, I realized that I missed many things simply because I wasn’t looking, or listening to who and what was around me.

The old adage that Life is a Challenge is true, but so is the fact that beauty and peace are all around you; you just have to train yourself to recognize them in the moment; not after.

Before founding her own consulting firm in 2013, Dawn Gannon served as a respected project management and administrative operations professional in the military, higher education, and women’s healthcare fields for over 25 years. As a volunteer, she currently serves as the Past Chair of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine’s Women’s Council.

Dawn holds a Bachelor of Arts in Management from Trevecca Nazarene University, as well as a Masters of Business Administration and a Graduate Certificate in Organizational Management from American Public University.